Enjoy superior sound quality with the water resistant FRESHeBUDS Bluetooth Earbuds, 71 percent off MSRP for Pocketnow readers.

FRESHeBUDS Bluetooth Earbuds offer an unparalleled listening experience compared to other sports earbuds. You can feel safe using them during almost any kind of activity, whether swimming, running, and more. They’re also lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to effortlessly wear them for the long haul.

Just connect your pair of FRESHeBUDS to any Bluetooth compatible device, and you’re good to go. These earpieces offer eight hours of playback time, and take only 90 minutes to fully recharge.

If you enjoy living an active lifestyle, these earbuds could easily become your favorite accessory. Grab a pair of FRESHeBUDS Bluetooth Earbuds for only $29 at the Pocketnow Deals Store.

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