WatchOut Wearables Madgaze

Once in a while, we see a usual product with a set of unusual features. The WatchOut Wearables Madgaze is one such Wear OS running device that comes with a couple of unique features adding flavor to the Android smartwatch space. The Indian startup WatchOut Wearables isn’t following or copying a product but leading its way with innovation. The Madgaze smartwatch is a unique device. I used it for about a week, and here are my first impressions of the product.

WatchOut Wearables Madgaze first impressions

The Madgaze smartwatch is WatchOut Wearables’ fourth product. It is fully assembled in India. It is not one of those smartwatches that you wear and forget about. The first thing you’ll notice about it when you take it out from the box is its big size. However, it weighs just 73 grams. The smartwatch is comfortable on the wrist, thanks to the silicone band. Additionally, in the box, you get a proprietary charger and a separate cable for data transfer.

WatchOut Wearables Madgaze

The WatchOut Wearables Madgaze sports a 1.39-inch touch display that comes with a 400×400 pixel resolution. It is sharp and easily visible under direct sunlight. There is an always-on mode as well, which can be toggled on/off. I had it switched on. Notably, you don’t get options to customize it, and there is only one default watch face for the always-on display. Moreover, it doesn’t have a high screen-to-body ratio as there is bezel, which is separate from the chrome ring around it. It can be minimized to reduce the bulky-design.

The WatchOut Wearables Madgaze comes equipped with two buttons on the right side for home and return. However, it is easier to use touch controls for navigation. On the rear side, it has a heart rate sensor, a small flap for data transfer, and a nano-SIM slot.

WatchOut Wearables Madgaze

The device runs Android 7.1 that features a UI similar to Wear OS, which is reasonably easy to use. I preferred the touch controls but you can also interact with it using the two physical buttons. It also comes with a speaker and because of the SIM slot, you can directly make and receive calls on the watch. In several apps, you get an option to type on a full-fledged keyboard, which is uncomfortable on the form factor despite the big display.

All of this aside, let’s talk about the unique feature, gesture control. Basically, you can use taps on different parts of your arm to interact with the smartwatch. You can assign apps and actions for each tap from the knuckles to the forearm. However, it is not available as soon as you switch on the watch. All of this is accessed on the Mad Gaze controller app, which is needed to be switched on. Once set up, you can snap your fingers to hand up the call or trigger other actions like volume controls with taps on arms. The gesture control on WatchOut Wearables Madgaze works surprisingly well! It is not there for the sake of it. It’s present, and it can actually be used. Furthermore, there is a Zello app that lets you communicate with other contacts who have the same app on other Android devices. It is like a walke-talkie.

With more features comes more power, which in turn consumes a lot of battery. While using all of these features and switching between apps, the watch died within 10 hours of use. However, you can expect it to power you through the day.

Talking about the downsides, it doesn’t get the basics right at times. With my initial use, the smartwatch showed that I had over 100,000 steps, while all I did was sit at my work desk and type throughout the day. It also shows a heart-rate count when the watch is sitting idle on the desk.

WatchOut Warables Madgaze

If WatchOut Wearables see their Madgaze smartwatch going a long way, they need to fix the basics of fitness features. There is no point in offering a fitness feature if it doesn’t get the measurements right.

That said, WatchOut Wearables Madgaze is a unique product with a host of additional features. It is priced at Rs 28,999, but you can get it for between Rs 15,999 and Rs 17,999 if you pre-order it on It is up for funding right now.

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