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You are currently only able to remove third-party apps you installed from your Apple Watch, but with watchOS 6, you will finally be able to remove stock apps as well. It took Apple all the way to iOS 10 to allow users to delete stock apps from iPhones and iPads, and with the release of watchOS 6, you will be able to do that on your wrist as well.

Tech Crunch reports that you will be able to get rid of even apps like Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Remote, Camera Remote, Radio, ECG, Breathe, Noise and Cycle Tracking. Some apps will still remain unremovable, but Apple recently listed some apps (below) on the App Store, which means that 1. you will be able to remove them and 2. you will also be able to download them again should you change your mind.

watchOS 6 stock apps

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