There were a few hauls for the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular that were being touted by the company: you could make and take calls, send and receive iMessage or text blurbs and even stream the entirety of Apple Music’s library right from a little thing on your wrist.

While watchOS 4 didn’t immediately turn that last feature on, a watchOS 4.1 update will — developers have a beta to work on right now. Users can pull music down from Apple Music or iCloud and the company says that the device itself should last up to four hours with streaming activities.

It doesn’t have to be just songs, though, as a new Radio app will deliver Beats 1, NPR, CBS Radio and other stations. The release notes for the first beta say that cellular streaming isn’t available for this app yet.

All this to say that there’s a lot to listen to if you decide to leave your iPhone behind at home.

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