WatchOS 2.1 update hits the Apple Watch with new language support and bug fixes

Apple’s latest iOS incremental upgrade made the headlines with good reason yesterday, hauling a massive collection of badly needed stability patches, but it’d be unjust to completely ignore the “iWatch’s” newest minor software makeover.

WatchOS 2.1 is nowhere near as feature-packed as iOS 9.2, yet as the first system revision in almost two months, it brings quite a few neat things to the table. Number one, and most important of all, languages.

Plenty of them, to keep up with Apple Watch’s continuous worldwide expansion, including Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Malay, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. Also, Arabic again as far as Siri assistance and dictation are concerned, and Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese to further enrich voice support for things like message and email replies.

What else? Well, the UI now supports right-to-left navigation, Latin and Hindi numerals can be switched between when the system language is set to Arabic, and the Islamic and Hebrew Calendars contain a new “complication.”

Last but certainly not least, a bunch of Apple Watch malfunctions should be resolved for good, like time displaying issues in Power Reserve mode, third-party app launching difficulties, and general instability caused by system language modifications.

Remember to check for the update manually if it hasn’t landed automatically yet, make sure the battery is above the 50 percent mark before kicking off the installation process, and keep that synched iPhone close-by.

Source: GottaBeMobile

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