Watch Out Windows Phone 7 Series! WSJ Says Sony Working on Playstation Phone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony is working on a Playstation Phone to compete with Windows Phone 7 Series. Rumors of a phone-centric portable Playstation model has been around for years without much to show for, but the WSJ is saying that phone would be built by Sony Ericsson and will be able to play Playstation games, a concept not unlike the Xbox integration on Windows Phone 7 Series.

There is a second multimedia device in the works that will be aimed at the iPad. That device will have a large screen and serve multiple functions, including work as an ereader, connect to an online store for music, games, and movie downloads, and also serve as a gaming machine. The estimated release date is sometime in 2010.

Is a Playstation Phone too good to be true or can the rumors be trusted finally?

(via: BGR)

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