Watch the OnePlus 5T launch event live (Video)

Yes, we already know everything about it, including exactly how it looks on the outside, and what it packs on the inside. And to be perfectly frank, the OnePlus 5T wasn’t that exciting to begin with, predictably offering only minor performance upgrades over the original OP5.

Still, this is most likely the year’s last big smartphone announcement, and you don’t want to miss the spectacle of it later today. OnePlus may not be proficient at protecting its users’ privacy and security, but the company sure knows how to put on a show, routinely using VR gimmicks, pop-up events, gifts for hardcore fans and so on.

If you haven’t bought your ticket for the New York shindig, you can obviously follow the action online as it happens starting at 11 AM Eastern Time. That’s 8 AM on the West Coast, 4 PM in London, 5 PM in Berlin, 9:30 PM in New Delhi, midnight in Beijing, and 3 AM (November 17) in Sydney.

We’ve embedded the YouTube livestream above for your effortless viewing pleasure, and if you need a quick recap of what’s coming, here goes. First and foremost, the OnePlus 5T will bring a larger 6-inch screen with a new 2:1 aspect ratio to the table, squeezed into a similar footprint as the 5.5-inch OP5. Bezels will be thinner, and the fingerprint sensor is moved to the back, positioned at a nice, comfortable distance from an improved dual camera.

Most of the other specs should go unchanged, with an exciting Face Unlock feature added to the mix to better compete against the significantly pricier iPhone X. Stay tuned for all the official details.

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