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Watch GT 3 Pro review: The most beautiful watch HUAWEI ever made

By Anton D. Nagy July 23, 2022, 4:20 am
Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow
Pocketnow Award

42- and 46mm, leather and titanium, ceramic and sapphire, irrespective of your choice, this is the most beautiful watch HUAWEI has ever created.

With amazing design, premium materials, killer battery life, beautiful display, accurate sensors, and readouts, the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro is our recommended smartwatch if you are looking to get an elegant smart time piece to accompany you to the office, gym, or on a hike. It will work with both Android and iPhone and you only have to charge it once a week.


There are just so many ways you can design a watch, regardless whether it’s a classic timepiece, or a smartwatch. And yet, some artists draw more beautiful circles than others. Yes, of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s also science to beauty, from the laws of symmetry to the Fibonacci spiral and ratios. But, I digress…


You’ll start to slowly get my point as you read along, if it wasn’t clear from the headline. The HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro is with absolutely no doubt the most beautiful watch the company has ever created, bar none, maybe only rivaled by the Porsche Design version of the Watch GT 2, but that’s in a category of its own.

And if the amazing looks weren’t enough, the damn thing is getting smarter and smarter as it evolves naturally from generation to generation. Find out why we’re excited, in our HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro review below!

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow


Those not familiar with the naming scheme and the company’s family of products might believe the Watch GT 3 Pro is the successor of the Watch GT 3. We’ve had the Watch GT 3 and the only thing that held us from publishing a proper review was the damn lockdown which kept us out of the gym and off the basketball court. While the Watch GT 3 should be on your radar if you’re shopping for a smartwatch, no, the Watch GT 3 Pro is not a successor to it, but to the Watch GT 2 Pro. The two categories – classic and Pro – are distinct and have different approaches.

As a Watch GT 2 Pro successor, the Watch GT 3 takes everything to another level. The 46mm version comes with three bands to suit all needs: Black Fluoroelastomer (a fancy word for rubber, for the sports oriented), Gray Leather (for those who like their suits), and the top of the line Titanium that we have in for review. The official names are Active, Classic, and Elite Edition, in this particular order.

GT 3 Pro review
Watch GT 3 on the left, Watch GT 3 Pro on the right
Source: Pocketnow

Now, where the real magic happens is the 42mm variant, which is made out of white ceramic (actually the first all-ceramic smartwatch), and comes with a White Leather band and silver inserts (which is nice), and a full ceramic band with golden inserts (which will blow your mind) like the one we also have in for review.

The 2022 Watch GT 3 Pro models increase the display sizes and further reduce the bezels, while maintaining the same crown on top, button on the bottom approach HUAWEI has been using for a couple of years now.

But the Titanium and the Ceramic bands are, of course, easily sizeable, and feature a butterfly clasp mechanism that ensures a secure fit. Both models feature a sapphire crystal glass dial, and the bodies are Titanium and Ceramics in their entirety, with ceramic being featured also on the back, where all the sensors are (more on the smarts in our segment below).

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow

If the full white ceramic wasn’t enough to catch everyone’s eyes in the room, the model also features a golden stainless steel crown, as well as a golden stainless steel ECG sensor and shell-printed bezel. You have to see it in person to appreciate it, but we’ll do our best in the images in this review.

The Titanium model features all titanium components and the precision machined, clear-cut lines are not just beautiful to watch, but also offer an amazing sensorial reward when you run your finger over the crown, the sapphire crystal, ECG pusher, or just simply feeling the band.

Yes, these are the most beautiful watches HUAWEI has ever made, and, in a way, they set the bar so high that it will be difficult to improve on them with future models.

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow


Aside from introducing the smaller, 42mm (42.9 mm) model with a 1.32-inch AMOLED display (466 x 466 resolution), the 46mm (46.6 mm) version takes the predecessor’s 1.39-inch display up to 1.43-inches (466 x 466 resolution), of course, of the AMOLED sort. It’s a small increase on paper, but having both side-by-side reveals a pretty significant improvement.

The Watch GT 3 Pro also adds a body temperature sensor to the mix, and, new in this year’s sensor package is the addition of ECG functionality, complete with sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation detection, premature atrial and ventricular beat reminders, as well as arterial stiffness detection.

Watch GT 3 Pro review Source: Pocketnow

The new HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0 sensor has been improved for even more accurate readings for your heart rate and body temperature. Specifically, HUAWEI has doubled the number of light receivers on this version, included a new AI algorithm, employed a new optical film design, and drew up an ergonomic, arched rear case.

Together with the ECG feature, arterial stiffness detection and the new TruSleep 2.0 algorithm, it offers a complete health, performance and wellness package (more on that in the Experience segment below).

Battery life has also been dramatically improved. With 14 regular and 8 days of heavy usage, the battery now charges much faster. 30 percent claimed by HUAWEI tops you up in 85 minutes, with the first 10 giving you 25 percent battery.

Notable features include a microphone, speaker, GPS, NFC (where available), Bluetooth, six sensors, and 5 ATM 50 meter water resistance plus IP68 rating.

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow


Software on the watch

The watch runs HarmonyOS 2 ( being the latest update we received). There’s a wide selection of watch faces to choose from (and this time around they have day and night variations, based on sunset and sunrise information from the weather app) on the watch itself (with even more on the app) to suit all needs.

Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow

Swiping left and right from the home screen (watch face) allows you to scroll through six cards in an order that can be customized. Out of the box it cycles through Heart Rate, blood oxygen, Activity records, weather, moon phase, and sleep, with the media controls being to the left of home.

The menu displays either a grid or a list of icons for the apps and features. Swiping from the top takes you to the control center, while sliding from the bottom bring you to your most recent notifications.

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow

While you will spend most of your time inside the Health app on your phone, you will most likely initiate a workout, check heart rate, skin temperature and access other data on the watch itself. Other often used features on the watch during our review period included turning on the Flashlight, doing breathing exercises, and checking workout records.

There are plenty more useful features, but the aforementioned will likely be the ones you will use most on the watch itself. The rest of the magic is being done on the phone.

Software on the phone

The Watch GT 3 Pro is compatible with iPhone, HarmonyOS, and Android phones. You will have to download and install the HUAWEI Health App, in case you don’t have a HUAWEI phone, where it comes preinstalled.

After the pairing process, which is simple and straightforward (more on that in the Experience segment below), this is the main hub where the watch sends all the data it collected from your body for processing.

This is where you can access records for your step count and calories burned, as well as records and history for exercises, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, stress levels, skin temperature, and more.

After an exercise (initiated from the Watch), you can check out heart rate data range and chart, as well as calories burned (estimate), duration, performance, and recovery time. For outdoor activities you can also keep records of your routes, duration, speed, pace, in addition to the above.

Same granular details are available for Heart Rate (graph, high, low, resting), Sleep (duration, cycles, stages), stress, and, if you have a compatible scales (or you input manually your weight), you can track your weight loss/maintenance/bulking journey as well.

The Health App is also where you manage your Watch GT 3 Pro, from custom watch faces to notifications, from firmware updates to watch settings.

Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow


The experience starts as soon as you unbox your watch. We recommend you practice patience (I know, it’s hard) and take your time to first fully charge it. While a tad different on iPhone and Android, pairing is really seamless and as easy as scanning a QR code, or selecting the watch from the list of available Bluetooth devices.

Your Health app will immediately notify you of pending firmware updates, which we suggest you apply, practicing more patience. Trust me, it’s worth it.

After all the connections and pairing have been made, it’s time to put the watch on. If you go for the Titanium model, you’ll be surprised at how lightweight it is. After all, Titanium is a lightweight and durable premium material. If you opt for the ceramic model, prepare to be amazed at the smooth and cold feeling on your skin when you touch it either on your wrist, or run your fingers over the band.

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow

By the way, you might need to tinker with your band for a proper fit, which is as easy as using the tool inside the box to push out a pin and remove a link. We suggest removing one from each side until you find your proper fit in order to keep the watch and the clasp centered on your wrist.

The customization process, depending on your needs, will include setting up your watch face (there’s plenty to choose from), enabling or disabling Always On Display (which will shorten your battery life), and choosing what to monitor constantly: sleep, stress, heart rate, and/or blood oxygen. These will also affect your battery life.

You can take phone calls on your watch if you don’t mind the awkwardness of the situation, and you can also go on outdoor workouts while leaving your phone at home, as the watch features its own GPS, and it’s independent of your smartphone.

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow

There are more than 100 workout modes available to choose from. You can always customize a new workout, and, while we applaud the addition of Diving an Jump Rope, we still don’t have Basketball as an option. I will say this until the cows come home and I turn blue in the face with every HUAWEI watch I review. Please add it in there!

There are few “real smartwatch” options, in the Apple Watch sense of the word, you can actively use on a daily basis, but with HUAWEI offering connection to third party apps, usage scenarios will likely increase.

Our unit’s battery life lasted from Sunday to the next Sunday with all sensor monitors activated permanently and Always On Display turned off. Compared to the need to charge the Apple Watch every day, or every 36 hours, this offers a miles better and less anxious experience in comparison (even when compared to the 40-something hours the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers).

Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow

GPS has been really accurate, and that’s not a shocker as the Watch GT 3 Pro supports all the standards: GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS. You can read about all of these, with similarities and differences, in our dedicated article here.

Heart rate readouts have been consistent, but I recommend you [read this article to better understand the paradigm] (https://pocketnow.com/only-use-one-fitness-tracker) of all things fitness on a smartwatch, which is not really a professional fitness device.


HUAWEI realty showed up and put in the effort with the Watch GT 3 Pro. They took their time in designing it to truly be something you are proud of wearing on your wrist. I’ve said it once at the beginning, I’ll say it again: they raised the bar so high that it will be interesting to see how they can do one better with the next iteration.

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow

It’s hard to find flaws with the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro, even if you are nitpicking. That is, of course, aside from the fundamentally different approach the company has compared to its competitors. Don’t expect apps to be mirrored from your phone to your watch, like in the case of the Apple alternative. However, if you understand and accept the principles guiding HUAWEI in building this product line-up, you are in for a treat.

This is a watch that turns heads, helps you train, keeps you on track, walks alongside you on your health and fitness journey, and is doing all of this while staying elegant and charged for at least a week.

All of this can be had for anywhere in between €369 and €499 for the 46mm model, as well as €499 and €599 for the 42mm version (gold bezels, ceramic strap, luxury materials to justify the difference).

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Source: Pocketnow

Pros and Cons


  • beautiful design;
  • premium materials;
  • amazing battery life;
  • excellent display;
  • accurate sensors.


  • some features not available yet, or regionally restricted (Wallet, ECG);
  • limited "real smartwatch" features;
  • a bit on the expensive end of the spectrum.
HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro (43mm)

Being the first all ceramic smartwatch, this time piece is not just beautiful but also has the smarts and the battery life to back it up for an entire week.

PBI HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro 46mm Titanium 2

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro (46mm)

Titanium is a lightweight and durable premium material. You will be surprised at how feathery this watch feels when wearing it. Couple that with a gorgeous display, accurate sensor readouts, one week battery life, and you're in for a treat.


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