Although the I/O conference is first and foremost Google’s way of staying connected to software developers, helping them out with new tools, platforms and OS iterations, and even handing them out free hardware, everyone can and should be interested in attending the event at least once.

If not for the gifts, the product announcements, prototype showcases and just the chance to hear Sundar Pichai and other top Googlers speak from a few yards away make the experience (and expenses) well worth it.

But don’t beat yourself up if you were put off by this year’s registration fee, failed to enter the raffle in time, or refused to sign up and travel to Mountain View for whatever reason. Following (pretty much) all the action in the Shoreline Amphitheatre from the comfort of your couch at home couldn’t be easier, including in immersive VR.

360 version:

Regular version:

Your YouTube live stream embedded here will begin at 10 am PDT, and for extra convenience, you have a countdown clock set up to eliminate time zone confusions. In case you need to set a reminder or alarm, the main keynote is scheduled to get underway at 1 pm EDT (New York in the house), 6 pm BST (London, do you copy?), 10:30 pm IST (for our India-based friends), 1 am CST on May 19 (good night, Beijing), and 3 am AEST on May 19 (good morning, Sydney).

We’re expecting two hours filled with exciting Android VR, Android N, Android TV and Google Home details and demonstrations, among others, followed by many shorter sessions and events aimed more specifically at devs that will also be broadcasted live on the I/O webpage.

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