Want to Make Video Calls, But No Front-Facing Camera?

If you’re like me, you think that “video calling” may be the “next big thing” in mobile technology. High-end phones are starting to come standard with front-facing cameras, more than a few video calling apps are currently in the Market, and support for video calling is going to start coming out of the box with future versions of Android.

The only problem? Many current phones don’t have a front-facing camera, which kind of kills their ability to video call.

Not wanting to let that “technicality” get in the way, an inventive designer has “solved” the problem somewhat creatively, but not necessarily in a practical package. The accessory attaches to the back of your phone with an angled mirror in front of your camera, and another at the top of your device, basically bouncing what’s on the front-side of your device to the back-side camera. Think of it as a “periscope” for your phone.

Although it’s currently just a concept, if the price was right, would you use one of these on your phone?

Source: Ciccarese Design

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