Walt Mossberg Disses the T-Mobile HTC HD2 for Not Enough Home Screens

For Windows Mobile enthusiasts, the HTC HD2–and subsequently its T-Mobile variant–is the holy grail of Windows Mobile portable computing, offering a capacious screen, extensibility behind the Windows Mobile platform that even Windows Phone eschews, and the modern prowess of a fast Snapdragon processor and capacitive touchscreen. However, for Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, who is seen by some as the godfather of tech journalists, the combined package of beautiful hardware and Microsoft’s “dead-end OS” doesn’t live up to the expectations that consumers have in a smartphone. To summarize, Mossberg says that the integration of Windows Mobile and HTC Sense UI was confusing, citing that there aren’t enough home screens.

While some may view that HTC’s approach to the paradigm of Sense UI married to Windows Mobile as confusing, it does help in the usability of the platform. Moreover, Mossberg’s concern of not having enough home screen is rather misleading; stock Android only has three home screens and the app drawer on Android is a continuous grid of apps. Comparing stock Android to the HD2 experience, we can make an argument that each Sense UI panel can be a home screen–with even a home screen for shortcuts. The programs menu gives plenty of space, like Android’s app drawer, for program icons while Sense UI does add a “widget”-like experience to simplify things. Rather than the 9 or so home screens on the iPhone that Mossberg also referred to for reference, Sense UI provides a richer experience; the iPhone’s home screens are not truly home screens–they’re just an expanded series of program menus oriented in the horizontal direction rather than the vertical scroll in Android and Windows Mobile.

Mossberg came out of his review of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 by stating that it may not be the best choice for users unless they absolutely have to have the large screen for picture viewing or video watching.

(via: AllThings D)

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