It’s almost been half a year and most of us are sorely missing the experience of watching a movie in theaters. But Walmart has partnered with Tribeca Enterprises and come up with a solution. The retail giant is turning 160 of its store parking lots into contact-free drive-in movie theaters for the summer season.

There will be a combined 320 showings starting next month, and these drive-in theaters will be up and running until October. Ahead of each screening, moviegoers will be able to purchase picnic essentials by ordering it online for curbside pickup. Walmart said it will also offer car-side snack and beverage facility.

The partnership is an extension of Tribeca Enterprise’s Tribeca Drive-In festival initiative that aims to screen modern classics and family favorites throughout the summer season. Walmart notes in its press release that there will be a mix of ticketed and free events honoring frontline workers. You can find scheduling and location details here for your next drive-in movie experience here.

Source: Walmart

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