America’s number one discount retailer, which just so happens to also be the world’s largest company by revenue, today follows the comprehensive Black Friday 2016 preview trend by laying all its (heavily marked down) cards on the table for the consumer and competition to catch a glimpse of.

As far as our mobile-first readership is concerned, we probably have to start breaking down Walmart’s mammoth 36-page holiday deal ad with a special mention for free $250 gift cards offered alongside any Apple or Samsung phone activated on AT&T Next or Verizon device payment plans. Any iPhone or Galaxy qualifies, mind you, not just the 7 and S7.

Other standout Walmart gadget bargains compared to Target’s BF steals include a $99 no-contract iPhone 5s and $249 Samsung Galaxy S6 on Straight Talk. If you’d rather sign up to a more popular prepaid operator, Verizon’s $39 Galaxy J3 or AT&T GoPhone’s $49 Huawei Ascend XT sound like pretty solid budget options too.

Then you have several super-low-cost Fitbit wearables, ranging from a $69 Flex 2 to a $129 Charge 2, and both Android and iOS tablets on sale, including a $99 Lenovo Tab 3 10.1 and $199 iPad mini 2. For your living room entertainment needs, Walmart can hook you up with $25 Chromecast 2 or Roku Express Plus HDMI dongles, and all the festivities begin Thursday, November 24, at 6 pm in physical stores.

Avoiding the long lines and inevitable brawls for that last $300 Smart 4K TV is a piece of cake, as digital aisles will be stocked with millions of discounted items all day Thursday. So, yeah, you’re basically looking at a Black Thanksgiving here.

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