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Somewhere in this mess of an autumn, we’re supposed to believe that Google will have two phones out to sale. The “tick tock” of the clock suggests we should receive a revelation in early October — if so, we’re two months from the end of this tunnel. But it’s been a contentious journey to get here as we’ve been hearing about a rather iterative design and the loss of the headphone jack.

Evan Blass, reporting for VentureBeat, has relayed two fairly low-resolution photos of what is claimed to be the Pixel 2, codenamed “walleye” and manufactured by HTC. While fine details aren’t there, you should be able to find that the general theme is refinement. If you didn’t know that manufacturers were putting out phones with 2:1 displays, thinner bezels and dual cameras, you would be forgiven for mistaking this phone as one coming from 2015: this phone appears to have none of that.

However, the early-call designs from third parties were pretty much right on the money in this case: the glass section of the rear has shrunken away to the top quarter of the surface as opposed to the top third as seen on the OG Pixel — the fingerprint sensor stands in the metal portion, not the glass. There’s also that huge camera port hole that may need some justification for those who value performance for such a physical displacement. We can’t tell what if any hardware focus guides like a laser — that may be lost to poor contrast data from the picture.

Beyond the front and back profiles, Blass also reports that LG will be making the XL-sized “taimen” Pixel phone this year. Both of them will share stereo speakers on the front sides, pressure-sensitive frames for squeeze-based interfaces and the lack of a headphone jack — all aspects that have already been actively adopted by HTC and not LG.

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