Chromebooks and Chrome OS are continuing to evolve to be more like more powerful desktop computer operating systems. Today, Wacom announces that the “One by Wacom” graphics drawing tablet is now certified with the “Works with Chromebook” program from Google. The “One by Wacom” tablet is a small inexpensive $59.95 pressure-sensitive graphics tablet that can be plugged into other computers via a USB port in order to add drawing capabilities. Wacom’s Intuos, Intuos Pro, Cintiq, and Cintiq Pro will receive The Works With Chromebook certification in the coming months as well.

The Wacom graphics tablets will work in Chromebook drawing apps such as Clip Studio Paint, Concepts, and IBS Paint as long as you have Chrome OS version 87 which was released in November of 2020. All pen-pressure sensitive Android apps on Chrome OS should detect the Wacom tablets as well. It’s unclear if Google’s Chrome Linux subsystem also includes Wacom drivers for Linux-based graphics programs.

While Chromebooks don’t have nearly the amount of high-end graphics programs that you’d want to use a high-end Wacom pen tablet with, the “One by Wacom” and its Chrome OS support is mainly aimed at students and teachers. The pen can be very useful for drawing diagrams, illustrations, writing out math equations, etc. It will also be very useful for pointing out items in a presentation during a remote learning session.

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