Vodafone UK would lose ‘hundreds of millions’ if Huawei gets banned

Vodafone UK CTO Scott Petty talked about the potential risks of the UK government going through with the process of banning Huawei from building the nation’s 5G network infrastructure. UK is just one of the many EU countries (and nations worldwide) that are scrutinizing and either considering banning, or have already banned Huawei, after the US — which the Chinese manufacturer sued — asked his allies to follow its example.

If we were forced to remove Huawei from the network we would need to go to the 32 per cent of base stations that are currently using Huawei for radio and replace every one of those with somebody else’s technology then put 5G on top of that — Scott Petty, CTO Vodafone UK

In the event of such a decision, this entire logistical effort would cost Vodafone UK “hundreds of millions”, according to Petty. Not only that, but it would dramatically slow down 5G deployment, as the carrier would have to go back and upgrade the 4G infrastructure, upon which to build the new 5G network from another equipment supplier.

The cost of doing that would be hundreds of millions and dramatically affect our 5G business case. We would have to slow down the deployment of 5G very significantly to go and refresh our 4G network first. That would be the wrong thing to do because [radio is] an area of the network that has very low risk and very low impact — Scott Petty, CTO Vodafone UK

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