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Vodafone UK and EE delay introduction of EU roaming fees

By Roland Udvarlaki January 6, 2022, 12:00 pm
Phone in hand featured Source: Jae Park, Unsplash

Prior to Brexit, most British carriers stated that they don’t plan on bringing back roaming chargers, however, that appears to be changing very soon. Vodafone UK and EE have both announced their plans to reinstate the roaming fees for those who travel to the EU, and the two carriers decided to delay their plans due to testing and technical reasons.

Vodafone plans to bring back EU roaming charges at the end of the month, while EE set the new date of March 3. In a statement, Vodafone said that it’s wasn’t ready to introduce the new system and that further testing was required to ensure a smooth transition (via BBC).

"We have pushed back the introduction of roaming charges to the end of January, giving time for further testing to ensure the best possible experience for customers purchasing our £1 per day bundles. Until then, customers will continue to be able to roam without charges."

Both EE and Vodafone will allow their customers to purchase bundles, with Vodafone offering 8 and 15 day passes, while EE will offer a 30-day pass for £10. EE announced a £2 daily charge back in June last year. It’s worth noting that the new fees will not apply to pay monthly customers with a plan starting before July 7, 2021. Three also announced that it plans on bringing back the EU roaming charges in May 2021, although the company hasn’t announced any roaming fee prices or bundles yet.

O2 hasn’t announced any plans on reinstating the EU roaming fees, although the carrier brought back the fair usage policy that limits the data use while abroad. If you live in the UK, your best option is to check with your carrier before deciding on visiting other countries.

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