Vodafone Netherlands provides further iPhone 7 name corroboration

In case Apple’s “coincidental” scheduling of its next-gen iPhone announcement event on September 7 as opposed to September 6… SE wasn’t enough to finally put branding speculation to rest, this temporary placeholder listing on a European carrier’s website should probably remove all doubt.

Unless you dare to distrust even one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, operating mobile wireless networks in a whopping 26 countries, Netherlands obviously included.

Mind you, Vodafone’s Dutch arm precociously confirmed the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus monikers too last year, although it only did so hours before their September 9 formal introduction, at which point there was really no other half-credible naming possibility.

As far as the iPhone 7 is concerned, many reputable tipsters have long avoided to call it that way, given its rumored upgrades and design revisions don’t exactly justify a full-number denomination bump. Then again, iPhone 6SE has a decidedly awkward ring to it, not to mention it’d suggest Apple is one step behind Samsung, with its wildly successful, similarly incremental Galaxy S7 and Note 7.

Still, let’s keep that salt shaker nearby, remember carriers occasionally make mistakes as well, and nothing’s certain until it’s certain. Not names, not general specs, not camera details, storage options or commercial release dates.

Source: TechTastic

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