Vodafone CEO says banning Huawei sets 5G Europe back two years

After temporarily interrupting deployment of Huawei 5G gear, Vodafone is joining Telus and T-Mobile in defending Huawei. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Vodafone CEO Nick Read said that banning Huawei from building 5G infrastructure in EU countries can be “hugely disruptive”.

Additionally, Read added that it would not only be “very very expensive” for carriers to switch out their current Huawei gear, but it would also delay Europe’s 5G rollout by “probably two years.”

I would at this stage prefer to be working with governments and securities on a national basis and making sure we have a fact-based conversation — Vodafone CEO Nick Read

He also added that it would harm the healthy competition on the market that is currently dominated by China’s Huawei, Finland’s Nokia and Sweden’s Ericsson. Reducing the number of players to only two can have detrimental effects.

Vodafone is the world’s second largest network operator by number of subscribers, around 700 million globally.

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