They say Apple is still struggling to incorporate a functional, reliable Touch ID sensor into the borderless OLED screen of that potentially game-changing iPhone 8 or X, and even with all the Galaxy S8 fingerprint fumbles, Samsung may need to mount a similarly awkward biometric reader on the Note 8.

But in case you didn’t get the memo from numerous market research firms warning of a Chinese brand invasion for several years now, the manufacturer duopoly is in great danger.

Not just from a bang for buck standpoint, or as far as sales numbers are concerned either, with Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu and Vivo among others focused on small-scale innovation lately that’s starting to precede and anticipate mainstream global industry trends.

Believe it or not, the third best-known BBK-owned smartphone vendor, behind popular siblings OnePlus and OPPO, might be the very first company in the world to unveil a mobile device with an “invisible” fingerprint scanner.

Said product was videotaped demonstrating this highly anticipated feature, and the footage leaked online, though of course, we can’t rule out trickery of some sort based on such a short, fuzzy recording.

More importantly, there’s no way to tell how close to production this prototype really is, not to mention that the accuracy and security of its screen-embedded fingerprint authentication method also remain a mystery.

Seemingly similar to the rear dual camera-sporting Vivo Xplay 6 launched roughly six months ago, minus a physical home button/optical fingerprint sensor, this pioneer could see daylight at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Shanghai a couple of weeks from now. But even if it does, and if it works as we all hope, the iPhone 8 should still make under-glass fingerprint recognition “mainstream.”

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