Vive Pre Hands-On: still the VR to beat (Video)

It’s been nearly a year since we first tried HTC and Valve’s game-changing VR headset. In the time since, it’s gotten a new name and better hardware, plus rumors of a hefty price tag to go with its four-month delivery delay. But despite the challenges, the Vive Pre still delivers the best virtual reality experience we’ve seen yet. We went hands-on with the new visor on our last day at CES 2016 and our entire ground team got to put their faces in Valve’s virtual world; check out the video below for a taste of what we saw.

(In the mood to read instead of view? For a full write-up of how the Vive Pre differs from the competition –and its immediate predecessor– see our companion editorial from earlier in the week. To understand why the Vive deserves your attention, check out our story on the first time we strapped one on.)

Vive Pre hands-on

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