Visible Bring a Friend program

Visible has revamped its Bring a Friend program that allows you to refer friends in a new way that gives you and your friend some great and unique perks. The new program is going live today, July 8.

Here’s how it works: Each member (also called “referrer”) can now share a unique landing page with an overview of Visible and their unique Bring a Friend code. When their friends sign up, their Friend code is automatically applied to the friend’s cart. Both the referee and the referrer will get their next month for only $5, that’s you and your friend that you bring over.

Visible says that the program was reworked and completely revamped after it has collected consumer feedback and surveys. The survey found that consumers are forging ties with brands that can help them and their immediate network. “In fact, among consumers who shared a referral code in the past six months, 50% expressed motivation to help other people, and 40% wanted to get a discount for themselves, too.” says Visible.

The new Bring a Friend program allows users to store up to 12x $5 credits at a time, which can get you an entire year of service for just $60. Of course, Visible will still offer unlimited everything, including messages, minutes and data for $25/month, and now $5/month for you and a friend, when you bring someone else.

The new program is launching today. As a quick recap, Visible offers unlimited data, powered by Verizon. It’s not exactly an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), since it is owned by Verizon. The company launched in 2018 and it has both LTE and 5G bands. If you want to find out more about the new program and the company’s variety of services and phones, you can find out more on this link.

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