Visa Checkout, Masterpass come to Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Microsoft Wallet in 2017

What’s the bane of so many online consumers these days? No, not having to bring their computers around everywhere they go to buy everyday items — that gag’s taken.

It’s having to fill out their credit card information in box-by-box forms over and over and over again. You know what would help? Bypass systems like Visa Checkout and Masterpass. You know what would really help? Mobile payments systems.

Starting in early 2017, the two online card bypass systems will hitch to a few mobile payment systems to allow you to authenticate purchases made on your smartphone through biometric measures, such as your fingerprint or an iris scan. For Visa Checkout, it will be with Android Pay while Mastercard’s system will tag Android Pay, Microsoft Wallet as well as Samsung Pay.

If you have a smartphone, you can buy merchandise from any website that accepts Visa Checkout or Masterpass and press your finger or stare into the camera instead of typing in a password.

Source: Google
Via: ZDNet


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