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When older iPhones slide down a generation, the prices also go down. The base model iPhone 7 is currently at the $549 level while the 128GB version is $649. T-Mobile is currently clearing out the rest of its 256GB iPhone 7 stock in its Jet Black finish for just $600 or 24 monthly payments of $25. That’s down from the original price of about $849. You can check out that deal here.

But if you’re really down with the iPhone, Virgin Mobile is trying hard to impress you with actual discounts on older iPhone models.

The iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have gone down an extra $100 from where Apple took them. The iPhone 6 with 32GB of storage is now $199.99 while iPhone SE has gotten better than half-off. Hit the source link below for more info.

Here’s the price chart:

Device Memory Original Price Current Price
iPhone SE
32GB $349.00 $159.99
128GB $449.00 $259.99
iPhone 6 32GB N/A $199.99
iPhone 6s Pre-owned Certified 16GB $308.00 $199.99
iPhone 6s
32GB $449.00 $349.99
128GB $549.00 $449.99
iPhone 6s Plus
32GB $549.00 $449.99
128GB $649.00 $549.99
iPhone 7
32GB $549.00 $449.99
128GB $649.00 $549.99
iPhone 7 Plus
32GB $669.00 $569.99
128GB $769.00 $669.99
iPhone 8
32GB $699.00 $699.00
128GB $799.00 $799.00
iPhone 8 Plus
32GB $849.00 $849.00
128GB $949.00 $949.00

The Sprint prepaid carrier has stopped offering a whole year’s service for only $1 for new or iPhone-upgrading customers, but it is now at least offering 6 months of service at $1 per month or $6 total. All users have to do is bring an iPhone or buy it through the Apple Store — that means foregoing the above discounts, but it will save you $294 over the period in service charges. The regular rate of $50 will begin at month 7.

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