Back in January, Twitter took the logical step beyond text, beyond photos, and with the help of Vine – which it acquired the previous fall – gave users the option to embed short video clips. We’ve seen Vine shoot up in popularity since then, but there’s been one big problem with using the service: so far, the Vine app has been iOS-only. Back in April, we heard that an Android port of Vine was in the works and would be out “soon,” but the subsequent weeks passed without any news. That all changes today, with the Android version of Vine finally going public.

All the core functionality is here – you can record videos, upload them to Vine, and share them on Twitter. Android even gets some functionality absent from the iOS version, like the ability to control zoom. That said, it’s not a feature-complete port, and there’s also some stuff missing – Vine says that’s a temporary issue, and that all its apps should find themselves on a level playing field in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to get caught up with your iOS friends and see what this Vine craze is all about. Get yourself over to the Google Play Store for your app. We’ve heard reports of early download issues, so keep at it if you run into a snag.

Source: Twitter
Via: BGR

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