Vinci 2.0 Headphones Ears-On at CES 2018 (Video)

The 2014-founded Inspero Inc. may just be the most successful tech company you’ve never heard of, managing to raise nearly a million dollars on Kickstarter for a campaign launched in November 2016 for the “world’s first smart headphones with artificial intelligence”, as well as over $800,000 to date to help make the Vinci 2.0 a commercial reality.

The “world’s first standalone smart wireless headphones” are almost ready to start shipping to early backers, although late birds can still get in on the Kickstarter action at a substantial discount compared to the upcoming full retail price.

Just in case you needed a little taste of the super-advanced technology powering these truly smart headphones, our own Jaime Rivera and Jules Wang had the opportunity to pay the CES 2018 Vinci booth a visit and check out some late prototype units in action.

So far, so good is all we can say after trying out those gesture controls removing the need for any physical buttons. A neat combination of elastomer and sweat-resistant steel makes the Vinci 2.0 both sleek and robust, while Alexa runs the voice control show with the full force and versatility of its 15,000 skills.

There’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity in tow, not to mention a couple of small HD screens completing a super-premium all-in-one package that’s still surprisingly affordable.

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