Back in September, we told you about one of the biggest Android “tablets” around, a 22-inch monitor that, when it wasn’t being used with a PC, could run a stand-alone copy of Android. That 22-incher from ViewSonic was interesting, sure, but a few specifics (like an underpowered 1GHz SoC) had us wishing it delivered just a little bit more. This year, at the CES, ViewSonic is ready with a follow-up Android monitor that certainly seems to address some of our concerns.

The VSD240 is a 24-inch device, again with a 1080p resolution. This time, ViewSonic bumps the processor up to a 1.7GHz quad-core Tegra 3; by now, that feels like it’s one generation behind, but it’s still a big improvement. The Android also features SD card support for storage expansion and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera.

Now, this may look the part of an oversized tablet well enough, but without any sort of battery, it’s strictly going to be living on your desktop. So, who’s it for, then? Well, if you’re a laptop user who just likes to keep an external monitor around for when you’re working, ViewSonic’s solution will allow you to still be a little productive even if you’ve left the laptop somewhere else.

The Jelly Bean-running VSD240 will go up for sale in April, priced right around $500.

Source: CNET

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