Video: Using Google Wallet on VZW’s Galaxy Nexus is Easy, Awesome

It’s not officially supported, but installing Google Wallet on Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus is one of the simplest workarounds ever -it’s as easy as sideloading an app if you’re in the US- and the result is a Google Wallet device that’s just as capable as any other. I recently took the plunge, and rolled a camera while doing so, for your viewing enjoyment.

Once installed, I spent a week seeking out venues that accepted Google Wallet. I drew a lot of curious looks, bought a lot of candy, and drew the (faux) ire of my favorite barber … all while jetting about town, paying for goods with my smartphone like some kind of time-traveler from an awesome-er future.

Join me as I guide you through the simple install process, then follow along for the hot, hot NFC-payment action in Boston’s most exciting convenience stores. Afterward, I’ll briefly touch on the experience of using Google Wallet, and what it means for you. Is this eight-month-old application, announced almost a year ago, still worth your time? Click the video to find out!

Disclaimer: This will only work for US devices. Different steps are required for Galaxy Nexus phones in other regions, on other carriers. As with any post involving the installation of unapproved or unsupported apps, Pocketnow bears no responsibility for crashes, device failures, money loss, or apocalyptic explosions that result from your attempting this procedure.

Source: XDA Developers

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