Video: MaxSense UI has Arrived (and it’s Awesome!)

The wait for MaxSense, a new UI for HTC Windows phones, is nearly over. If you haven’t heard of Maxycy’s latest endeavor, MaxSense is essentially a major overhaul of HTC Sense 2.5. With it, we still get the Sense features we know and love, but now they’re reconfigured and combined with some sweet, new features. Most notable are the 3 Android-like home screens (customizable with widgets), Sense launcher, 75 quick links panels, and a custom taskbar.


If you’re a fan of Sense 2.5 “power” mods, like Co0kie’s Home Tab, you’re going to appreciate what’s in store to hit XDA-developers very, very soon. In the video below, we cover all the aspects of MaxSense, so grab a tall glass of your favorite beverage, a tasty snack, and enjoy the detailed walk-through.

The first couple of ROMs with MaxSense cooked in are starting to flood the scene. Stay tuned to this post, where we’ll keep updating it with all the latest MaxSense ROM releases. Make sure you have applied the HardSPL for your device and only flash ROMs that are meant for your device/network (GSM/CDMA). Learn more about how to do these steps by visiting XDA and your device’s ROM development forums. Be aware that installing a custom ROM will void your warranty and we are not responsible if you accidentally brick your phone.

Custom ROMs with MaxSense:

HTC HD2 ROM (Amelia MaxSense Edition by Millski)

HTC HD2 ROM (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28)

HTC Touch Pro2 ROM (GSM) (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28)

HTC Touch Pro2 ROM (CDMA) (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28)

HTC Touch Pro2 ROM (CDMA) (BigMaxSense by Bignadad)

HTC Diamond2/Pure (GSM) (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28)

HTC Touch HD ROM (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28)

HTC Imagio (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28) (Coming Soon)

Sony Xperia X1 ROM (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28)

HTC Touch Pro (GSM) (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28)

HTC Touch Pro (CDMA) (Energy Series: MaxSense UI by NRGZ28)

If you enjoy using MaxSense and want to show appreciation for Maxycy’s hard work, feel free to make a small (or large) donation to him (PayPal).

Features of MaxSense:

– Full Screen (Wallpapers 960×800)

– 3 Home Widget Screens (Scroll left/right)

– 75 Quicklink accessible on all tabs

– Tab launcher screen accessible on all tabs

– Full Taskbar with dropdown features accessible on all tabs

– Widgets (a lot of customization options and more to come)

* Clocks (Analog, Digital, Slide)

* Alerts (Calendar, Call History, Mail, SMS, Alert Display Panel)

* Quicklinks (3 additional program shortcut widgets)

* Communication (Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode)

* Others (Weather, Music Player, Favorite Contacts, Internet Search, Blank Panel)

-General Settings

* Weather Animation (Maximized, Minimized, or Hide)

* Auto-Rotation with accelerometer

* Autolock

* AutoMute

* Taskbar (Maximized, Minimized, or Hide)

* Change Colors for Home Button Arrows and Text

Notes: MaxSense is only available via custom ROMs at the moment. Icons and skins may vary from ROM to ROM.

(Special thanks to Maxycy & Bignadad)

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