Video: iPhone 4, iOS 4, and iBooks on iPhone

The first hands-on video shows off iPhone 4 features as well as iMovie and in this second video, we take a look at some of the multitasking capabilities of iOS 4–Apple renamed iPhone OS 4 to iOS 4–as well as the iBooks with PDF reader on the iPhone. iBooks will now wirelessly sync bookmarks, notes, and last page read wirelessly across all your iDevices. Additionally, if you have an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, you’ll just need to purchase your book once and then you can sync it across all your devices from the iBookstore.

The iPhone also supports select core background processes, including music. With Pandora streaming in the background, users can check mail or surf the web. Additionally, there is a set of music control widgets in the multitasking menu that allows you to skip back or froward and play and pause your music–these controls will work for any music app that’s running, including Pandora and the iPod app on the device.

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