Video: CTIA: Samsung Galaxy S Walk-Through; Most Powerful Phone Yet?

The 3G Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone was overshadowed by the Sprint EVO 4G announcement at CTIA, especially since Samsung didn’t announce US carrier and the latter had 4G network support, but the Galaxy S may be the most powerful Android device in 2010 due to its processor and graphics capabilities. During the Samsung announcement, we know that the device will come with a 1 GHz processor, but Samsung’s Omar Kahn have said that the device has three times the graphics power of the leading smartphones. Official specs were not conveyed in the press release and other industry watchers are speculating that the Samsung Galaxy S may use the Samsung “Hummingbird” chipset design, which combines the 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU power with a PowerVR SGX GPU. When you combine the efficient processing power afforded by the Hummingbird chipset design and the energy efficient, yet bright and stellar 4-inch Super AMOLED display technology, you really have something that’s powerful but not as power-hungry as the competitor.

We did have some hands-on time with the Galaxy S, which you can view in the video below; we just wished that the PR people were a bit forthcoming on specs and information about the phone, especially since it was announced literally an hour earlier that morning, but we digress. The phone is amazingly thin, and there are already rumors on the Internet that Samsung may follow-up with a Galaxy S Pro model, which will include a sliding QWERTY keyboard to the Galaxy S design in landscape orientation.

There is a lot to love about the phone, but without a solid carrier announcement in a carrier-dominated US market, there are also lots of uncertainty about the phone. This phone will definitely give Sprint and HTC some competition–it seemingly has a more powerful processor and a subjectively better screen for graphics display, but it also has some downsides too such as the lack of an HDMI port and a 5-megapixel camera instead of the 8 afforded by the EVO 4G; both devices are capable of capturing videos at HD resolution.

In terms of the interface, the TouchWiz UI used on the Galaxy S wasn’t as fun and sleek as HTC’s implementation of Sense, but Samsung did include a cool widget to give you your day’s information at a glance. It’s kind of a cool throw-back for classic Windows Mobile users who miss the Today screen.

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