Google’s former senior vice president for social, Vic Gundotra, took some pictures with his iPhone 7 of some kids — you’d assume they were related to him, but his Facebook post doesn’t clarify that. He shared it on his public Facebook page along with a comment about how Apple’s image processing on the iPhone 7 has led to better-than-DSLR quality shots in what was once considered a dead zone for smartphone photography: the interior.

Gundotra, who now leads a health-focused machine learning firm called AliveCor, then replied to a comment asking about how Android handles photos. His main argument condensed? That its open-sourced nature has built up many proprietary silos for OEMs and leaves the lowest common denomination of APIs “a few years behind” iOS.

Fragmentation has always been the bane of Android users all over — Samsung, LG, HTC and the rest know that every hardware trick needs ten software tricks to follow them up and getting Android to follow on is a tough task. People also complain that photos put through Instagram from an Android device compare poorly to ones from an iOS device — pulling the best program interfaces per upload.

So, what do you think? How much is this processing-level material worth to you? Does it outweigh ease of use or another important factor by that much? Maybe you’d even prefer to deal with DxOMark scores over this? Let us know and maybe we’ll talk about it in future Pocketnow coverage.

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