Every smartphone user has his or her own preferences about how a nice phone should look and feel. Maybe you dig really rugged designs that don’t need a case to withstand a lot of abuse; maybe you love the sleek looks and smooth texture of a metal handset. What about glass phones? Sure, we need glass up front for the touchscreen, but around back, the use of glass on phones has been a point of controversy. Some users love the slick, hard feel, while others worry about such materials being damage-prone, or so slippy that the phone will slide off all but the flattest surfaces. We’re not about to end that disagreement here, but we do have word a new development in smartphone glass to share with you, as Corning announces Vibrant Gorilla Glass.

You’re probably well familiar with high-strength, damage-resistant Gorilla Glass by now, but what’s this “Vibrant” business? Corning’s come up with a new technique that allows manufacturers to print images, logo, and artwork directly on Gorilla Glass with unparalleled resolution and image sharpness.

Phone makers choosing to take advantage of Vibrant Gorilla Glass would be able to deliver handsets with the premium feel of glass, but featuring full-color artwork or logos more typically reserved for phones built with other materials. We don’t know if that means we’d ever get to see something like the sort of colorful designs you can create with Nexus Live Cases, only printed right onto a smartphone’s glass back, but we can always dream.

Source: Corning
Via: The Verge

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