User security and privacy are slowly surpassing filters, stickers, emojis, GIFs and other superficial features as top assets of more and more instant messaging apps, which makes Viber’s latest update a logical and smart move.

While nowhere near as popular as Facebook Messenger, and far from WhatsApp’s ubiquity as well, the service acquired by Rakuten back in early 2014 for a whopping $900 million touts a remarkable 800 mil registered users of its own.

The number of active accounts is obviously much smaller, although it may well be on the rise after last year’s end-to-end encryption technology adoption, this January’s addition of “Secret Messages” functionality, and finally, completion of a full set of security features with “Secret Chat” rollouts.

Along with purging an individual photo or video message, and hiding your sensitive communications behind a PIN, Viber now lets you easily set self-destruct timers for entire conversations, blocking message forwarding too.

The free-to-download cross-platform IM solution will also make it impossible for your fellow chatters to take screenshots of your confidential exchanges on Android devices, alerting those on iOS when someone does that.

You can never be too protected against prying eyes these days, so even if it’s not altogether original or revolutionary, let’s warmly welcome Secret Chat on Viber.

Adrian has had an insatiable passion for writing since he was in school and found himself writing philosophical essays about the meaning of life and the differences between light and dark beer. Later, he realized this was pretty much his only marketable skill, so he first created a personal blog (in Romanian) and then discovered his true calling, which is writing about all things tech (in English).

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