Verizon’s Touch Pro2 Second Only to iPhone 3GS

According to Consumer Reports as seen in TG Daily, the Verizon Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile is the second most highly rated smartphone this year. The first was the iPhone 3GS. That’s not much of a surprise considering how often the Touch Pro2 sold out online. Windows Mobile also got top marks for business phones (outscoring iPhones, Android, and Blackberries). Although that might be a surprise if you frequent all the Technology news sites and have seen their often unreasonably bad reviews of Windows Mobile. It’s in fashion to hate on Windows Mobile and lust after Google’s Android these days even though Android still isn’t that great.

This reality distortion field that everyone seems to be caught up in seems to have gotten to Microsoft as well. The analyst who wrote the TG Daily article, argues that Windows Mobile could be very competitive if Microsoft put any effort into gaining mind-share for the product, but they appear to have given up and ran away to work on Windows Mobile 7. Sure, Windows Mobile 6.x isn’t as fantastic as the Zune HD or Windows 7, but it still has many advantages over the other smartphone competitors currently in the market.

What do you think? Would a better marketing push help the current version of Windows Mobile? Or has the popular perception that Windows Mobile sucks already completely taken over for this version?

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