Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm2 Software Tour

Surprisingly, although the Storm2 is more responsive and can open applications quicker than its predecessor, the Storm, the original Storm actually renders web pages a little quicker than the newer successor. When opening the web page on Verizon Wireless’ 3G EVDO network, the Storm beat out the Storm2 by a tiny bit in our non-scientific browser rendering test with Javascript enabled. See the video above for more details.

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Also, we did receive confirmation from our Verizon Wireless representative that the Storm2 will launch on October 28–it seems to be a firm date. Other Internet blogs and sites have that date as rumored, but if our official media release is true, then that’s the day. Other blogs have it rumored that the Storm2 will retail for $180 after contract; we haven’t received pricing information in our media release yet.

The SurePress screen technology is much improved, though the UI and the overall user experience from the Storm to the Storm2 should be fairly similar. It is an incremental upgrade. Is the Storm2 worth upgrading to? That’s a tough question. New additions include WiFi and a better design that feels more solid and refined. However, a software/firmware upgrade should provide the original Storm with new features like kinetic scrolling (better flick scrolling support).

Please also see our unboxing and hardware tour video.

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