Verizon prepaid plan has unlimited data for $80 per month

If you’d like to bypass the credit check for a postpaid plan at Verizon, you can still get unlimited high-speed data at the carrier. You just have to deal with the pains of being a second-class, prepaid customer in this cruel industry.

It has quietly added on a monthly plan at the $80 price level featuring unlimited calling, texting and data usage in the US. There’s also free texting from the US to 200 destinations and SMS and MMS between the US, Mexico and Canada. While most data will be at LTE speeds, all video streaming is capped at 480p resolution and your traffic can be de-prioritized at any time — no usage threshold here. There’s no hotspot or tethering data allowance.

Verizon is also more strict about how its customers maintain their accounts with this plan than its other “bucketed” prepaid tiers:

You must have sufficient account balance at time of renewal to cover the Monthly Access to use the service. Monthly Access will be charged on the same date each month. Verizon Wireless will suspend your service when your account reaches $0 or your account reaches the expiration date […] $35 activation fee may apply.

The move follows on from T-Mobile’s decision to introduce a prepaid version of its T-Mobile ONE unlimited data plan, priced at $75 a month. Verizon launched a postpaid unlimited data plan in February at $80 a month.

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