Verizon joins growing roster of Apple allies, GOP presidential candidates all back FBI

In today’s installment of the never-ending “who supports who” saga concerning Apple’s ongoing opposition to a San Bernardino court order, the tech giant adds another big industry name to its corner, while the FBI manages to unite the entire field of Republican presidential contenders behind it.

After Google, Facebook, BlackBerry and Microsoft, Verizon finally weighed in on the matter of device encryption vs terrorist resistance, highlighting its commitment to “protecting customer privacy.”

The CEO of the largest American wireless service provider, Lowell McAdam, went on record to state his “support to the availability of strong encryption with no back doors.” He also admitted “the case with Apple presents unique issues”, but these “should be addressed by Congress, not on an ad hoc basis.”

In other words, Big Red’s big kahuna doesn’t acknowledge the authority of the FBI and California courts in this very delicate, extremely polarizing dispute, the carrier’s stance being that much more important as the iPhone 5c owned by a San Bernardino shooter was apparently activated on VZW.

Meanwhile, to the surprise of nobody the least bit familiar with the GOP’s position on so-called “liberal” topics, all of the party’s remaining presidential candidates viciously criticized Apple during their latest heated debate.

Donald Trump of course kicked things off with pleas for an iPhone boycott last week, and Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Ben Carson finally agreed on something other than Obamacare repealing. The perennially calm and reasonable Kasich unexpectedly voiced the most radical opinion, asking of the current US President to lock himself, Tim Cook and federal agents in a room “until you reach an agreement that both gives the security people what they need and protects the rights of Americans.” Wait, what?

Sources: Bloomberg, Cult of Mac, The Verge

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