Verizon still isn’t considering unlimited data plans, because apparently, you don’t need them

Choosing a wireless communications service provider stateside based on which of the “big four” offers the best unlimited data deals isn’t easy, given all the ifs and buts, the fine print and restrictions, various strings attached, artificial throttling, or DirecTV obligations you have to consider before making your decision.

But one thing’s been made abundantly clear by Verizon’s head honchos in recent months, with T-Mobile One and Sprint Unlimited Freedom launches apparently changing very little of the market leader’s philosophy.

According to Big Red CFO Fran Shammo… yet again, “at the end of the day, people don’t need unlimited plans.” Talk about an unpopular opinion, although in his defense, Shammo backs it by claiming it’s “more customer-friendly” to let users tether at high speeds, even if you ultimately cap off data consumption. Also, “you cannot make money on an unlimited video world”, which is another reiterated statement bound to stir up controversy.

Finally, it seems many unlimited data enthusiasts “tend to be abusive”, spoiling things for those around them happy to settle for less with their network overloading habits. On the bright side, Verizon’s actions and policies are obviously swayed by industry trends and competition, so if T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint can get unlimited right, el numero uno is ready to “respond when needed.”

Source: CNet

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