Verizon and Sprint start their own Android Oreo updates for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 9 is already making headlines, and there are now multiple signs pointing to an earlier than usual launch for a Note-series device this year, but for better or worse, the Note 8 will remain Samsung’s top S Pen-wielding option for mobile productivity nuts for several more months.

You might as well enjoy what the 6.3-inch “Infinity Display” flagship has to offer in the hardware department, and the best way to do that is run fitting software. After finally updating the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to Android 8.0 worldwide (bar US unlocked versions), Samsung has quickly moved on to “international” Galaxy Note 8 Oreo delivery.

America’s big four carriers have followed suit quite rapidly themselves, starting with AT&T a couple of days ago. The first online reports of the major software makeover spreading to Verizon and Sprint subscribers have surfaced earlier today, leaving T-Mobile as the only member of the aforementioned “Big Four” club still testing the 8.0 goodie pack.

We don’t have full changelogs for Verizon and Sprint-specific updates just yet, but the release timing suggests the two operators and AT&T have kept their bloat operations to a minimum. Expect a file size of around 1.4GB to be downloaded over-the-air to your phones, ideally via Wi-Fi, and substantially improve everything from general performance to security, multitasking, energy efficiency, and yes, even emoji diversity.

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