Verizon software update turns LG V30 into LG V30 ThinQ

LG seems really insistent on its whole ThinQ branding for AI-infused products. But what does this AI really do? Well, it mostly lets users take pictures in a funny way.

Anyways, Verizon has published the details of the latest software update for the V30. It includes the March security patches, but also includes a new AI Cam feature that’s been placed onto the V30S ThinQ and will likely be on the G7 ThinQ and the V35 ThinQ. The new camera app is able to detect eight types of scenes and adjust camera settings to best fit the subject matter.

Apparently, this upgrade alone warrants a name change. And, thus, we find that the boot-up screen has now been changed, changing the name of the LG V30 to… wait for it… the LG V30 ThinQ.

No matter what you think of this branding exercise — especially as this move further reduces the points of difference between the V30S and the V30 — there’s some solace for those who don’t appreciate start-up, half-baked AI engines on their phones: an extra hardware button on the G7 ThinQ may trigger not a homegrown assistant, but Google Assistant instead.

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