Thought that Amazon’s $130 was a good deal for the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon LTE? After all, Verizon’s still selling it direct for the premium smartphone price of $250. There’s a chance you may be able to score an even better deal, letting you pick up the phone for a cool hundred.

Verizon customers should check their inboxes, as certain subscribers are receiving notification that they’re entitled to a loyalty discount in addition to extra savings through this private sale, knocking $150 off the phone’s price tag. Just because you haven’t received one of the emails doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck for getting this discount; especially if you’ve been with Verizon in good standing, knowledge of this deal may enable you to convince a sympathetic Verizon employee to let you in on the savings. Heck, maybe you were supposed to be offered this price all along, and the email didn’t get through; you won’t know until you try!

If the Thunderbolt’s not your thing, Verizon is also offering a free-on-contract BlackBerry Curve, but considering all-new BlackBerry hardware is on the horizon, and what a good price this is on the Thunderbolt, we’re feeling the urge to take the Android route in this case. The deal runs through June 12.

Source: Android Community

Via: Android Spin

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