Call it a victory for T-Mobile. Or don’t, it’s got its own problems these days.

Verizon Wireless said that it is planning on “some fireworks next week” — a response to leaks and rumors on the Verizon subreddit claiming a huge changeup in what the carrier will offer on top of its plans on Friday.

The tiers won’t change in any way. An “S” plan would still have 1GB for $30 per month and an XXL plan keeps its 18GB for $100 a month. But if you’re on either the XXL or XL plan, you’ll have a better time with these new features to “The new Verizon Plan”.

On the plan, unused high-speed data gets carried over to the next month. A Safety Mode can be activated so that if you hit your LTE data limit, you’ll be throttled until you buy an extra high-speed gigabyte for $10. The feature is free for XL and XXL tier-holders and an extra $5 per month for other tier-holders. Use of service in Canada and Mexico will also be free to those top-tier customers and at “an additional charge” on S, M and L plans. The latter two features are opt-in.

We’ll have to see how soon changes, if any, will take place. It sounds like the fireworks may have moved this big reveal to Monday, July 4.

Source: Reddit
Via: Droid Life

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