It’s been an ambitious push for digital cinematography company RED as it works to push its first smartphone, the Hydrogen One, to AT&T and Verizon stores in time for the start of sales tomorrow.

Unfortuantely for subscribers to Big Red, the carrier has reportedly had problems with the units it was shipped. On the official H4Vuser community forums, Matthew C. Whitcher sounded the alarm on a quarantine in effect for the Hydrogen One.

I have just been informed by Verizon that the Hydrogen One has been placed in Quarantine and will not be sold tomorrow. They said at a later date. WTF?! What’s going on?!

In another thread, Ben Gustavson heard from Connecticut and Boston-area Verizon stores saying that they would not have stock of the phone by tomorrow. All Massachusetts-based stores Gustavson called referred to the quarantine, saying that it was “due to a charger issue.”

We have sent inquiries to Verizon as well as AT&T and will update you on anything we hear. Customers can also purchase unlocked Hydrogen One devices direct from RED at from 12:01am Pacific tonight.

[alert variation=”alert-warning”]Update (5:45p ET): H4Vuser member William Purser found a few stores in the Chicago area that had units to sell.

I have contacted ten company Verizon stored in and around greater Chicagoland. 5 knew nothing of the phone or said they didn’t have it. One store said it’s delayed and they can’t sell it – they did not know why. Then 4 other stores told me they were unpacking the boxes from today’s shipment and would be selling tomorrow. Basically chaos in Verizon-land.

RED has reportedly not been consulted by Verizon on any potential problems.[/alert] [alert variation=”alert-warning”]Update (7:12p ET): An AT&T spokesperson has confirmed that the company is “still on track for a successful launch” on its website and in stores tomorrow.[/alert] [alert variation=”alert-warning”]Update (November 2, 12:08p ET): An hour ago, a Verizon spokesperson clarified that there is “no quarantine.” The spokesperson also told H4Vuser forum users that any issues found were with retail display units. Sales begin today at more than 900 stores as well as online.[/alert]

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