As part of Verizon’s Black Friday sales, it introduced a new variation on HTC’s Droid Incredible 2, now available in red. The phone was offered free-on-contract as part of those holiday savings. If you were hoping to pick up one of these models in a Verizon store, it looks like you’ve missed your chance, as a leaked memo indicates all locations are being asked to return their existing stocks.

Any and all red Incredible 2s must be overnighted back to Verizon’s warehouses, where it appears they’ll act as stock going towards fulfilling Direct Shipment orders. The memo doesn’t out and say it, but the implication is that such orders may have been over-placed, without the needed handsets in stock to cover them all.

Exactly what this means for the future of red Droid Incredible 2 sales, we can’t say, but as of now, the phone is still available for sale through Verizon’s website, noting that shipments will go out by December 5.

Source: The Droid Guy

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