2GB of free data per line if you enroll in an Verizon Plan “L” or better

Family plans — the bane of offsprings’ existence. Usually, it comes to those children who nudge their mother or father to have to move plans or just break away from an agreement to go their own way, especially when there’s a promo going on.

Well, check Verizon out and see if your family’s willing to make the switch: it’s offering a four line plan with 16GB of shared data for $150 per month.

The actual mechanics of the deal is that if you enroll on an 8GB or better Verizon Plan with up to 10 lines, you’ll get an extra 2GB per line per month for your account to use. The “L” plan has a $70 base monthly fee, the “XL” plan at 16GB is offered at $90 and the 24GB “XXL” plan is $110. The access charge is $20 per line per month.

So, you can get up to 28GB on 10 lines for $280 per month with an L plan, or 28GB on two lines for $150 per month on an XXL plan. What a thought.

All that, and you get a free Galaxy J3 V per line for up to five lines as well.

Verizon compares its promotional plans to AT&T’s and Sprint’s offerings, but not T-Mobile’s. Comparisons get complex per individual situation, but we’ll stick with four lines at comparable prices.

  • AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plan at 15GB is $160 per month ($100 base + $15 line access)
  • Sprint’s Better Choice Plan at 24GB is $160 per month ($80 base + $20 line access)
  • T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan includes 10GB per line (40GB total) at $160 per month (Line 1 is $50, line 2 is $30, the rest are $10; 10GB charge is typically $30 per line, but it’s halved during a promo).

The 2GB per line bonus is not eligible for Verizon’s new Carryover Data feature.

Source: Verizon

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