Verizon offers half-off Pixel 2 with trade-in, but free Google hardware and YouTube TV

With its latest promotion, Verizon says that you don’t need to buy two phones if you don’t want two phones and you don’t need to add a line, either. And, unlike its current promotion, you don’t have to switch over from another network to take advantage of this offer. But you do have to make a fitting sacrifice.

The deal, effective starting April 5, gets customers up to half off a Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL (up to $475 off). Not only that, but there’s also a free Google Home Mini speaker and a Chromecast in play, too. On top of all that, Verizon is also covering two months of over-the-top service YouTube TV (a value of $80) with this deal.

So, what’s the trade-in catch? Well, Verizon has yet to publish the list of eligible devices that can be traded in and how much of a discount they’re worth. That’s where the “up to half off” bit gets in. We suspect that only the newest iPhones, competing Android phones and perhaps even the older Pixel phones will be able to get customers the 50 percent cut, given they’re in working condition. Other phones may be traded in for lesser discounts.

We’ll update this story when the details are out.

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