Leaks concerning the Motorola-made Nexus 6 have seriously been on the upswing over the past week or two, and just yesterday we had the opportunity to get one of our best looks at the handset yet, spotted out getting some real-world testing. So while our general questions about this handset’s existence may be fading under the mountain of evidence that continues to arrive, plenty of specifics have remained unclear. One of those important details concerns availability; sure, Google may start selling the Nexus 6 in just a couple more weeks, but once it does, what carriers will you be able to use the phone with? According to one of our sources, the Nexus 6 could find a surprising home, with Verizon planning to welcome the Android to its lineup.

Verizon’s always been a bit of a long-shot when it comes to Nexus devices. Sure, it carried the old Galaxy Nexus, but we didn’t see it pick up either the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5. And just last year with the Nexus 7, it seemed to take forever before users could stop gaming the system just to get their tablets activated, and the carrier formally welcomed the tablet.

But according to this insider information, this time Verizon’s really ready to embrace the next Nexus phone, and is gearing-up to add the Nexus 6 to its selection of devices.

We don’t have any new info on availability, sadly, so we’re not any closer to knowing when the Nexus 6 might go up for sale (at Verizon or anywhere else, for that matter), but if you’re a Verizon subscriber who’s been craving some stock Android action, this could be just what you need to look forward to.

Thanks: anon

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