It’s raining deals on the latest generation of Moto-branded smartphones, with the Z2 Force leading the pack in terms of both specifications and discounts.

While the modular Quad HD 5.5-incher isn’t exactly a serious contender for the title of best-looking Android flagship today, sporting relatively thick screen bezels by late 2017 standards and retaining the overall design language of the original Moto Z Force, its feature set is still pretty solid.

Perhaps not $750 solid, but be honest, you weren’t expecting any of the phone’s other major US carrier supporters to undercut T-Mobile’s recent promotion. After all, $500 sounded like a more than fair price to pay for a nice “shatterproof” display, Snapdragon 835 processing power, 4GB RAM, wasp 6.1mm waist, dual 12MP rear-facing cameras and a guaranteed Android Oreo update around the corner. Not to mention the complimentary Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod, normally worth a whopping $300 by itself.

Well, the snap-on projector accessory is still bundled with Moto Z2 Force purchases from Best Buy, only the third-party retailer can go even lower than T-Mo’s $500 ask. Namely, $456 in total with Verizon device payment plans, which means you’ll cough up a measly $19 a month for two years instead of the typical $31.50 fee.

That’s a monster $300 markdown, and you can get the free Insta-Share Mod by October 31. If AT&T is your preferred network, Best Buy only shaves off $200 all in all, charging $20.33 a month for 30 months, while Sprint’s own Moto Z2 Force version is discounted by two Benjamins, or $8.34 a month, from $33 to $24.66, for two years.

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