While LG and Lenovo have strayed far from Google’s original Project Ara concept for a “truly” modular smartphone, there’s no denying the convenience and novelty of the G5 “Friends” and swappable Moto Mod accessories for Moto Z and Z Force.

Unfortunately, the LG G5 was priced rather prohibitively when bundled with certain modules and add-ons, and Motorola is about to make the same fatal mistake. At least on Verizon stateside, where the Z and Z Force will launch first under Droid branding, all signs point to prospective buyers needing a small fortune to get on the modular bandwagon.

According to one eagle-eyed Big Red subscriber, which managed to grab screenshots of My Verizon app slip-ups, the Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod shall cost a whopping $300. Meanwhile, the TUMI Wireless Charging Power Pack is purportedly priced at $100, and the standard Power Pack will set you back $90. A glitzy Kate Spade Style Shell looks ready to go for $80, as does a JBL SoundBoost Speaker Moto Mod with a built-in kickstand.

Assuming the Moto Z Droid itself is slapped with a $700 recommended retail price, purchasing it alongside the lot of the aforementioned accessories will have you cough up nearly $1,300. Not cool, Lenovo, definitely not cool, Verizon!

Source: Reddit

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